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Eavestrough Installation - What You Need to Know Before Getting Started

eavestrough installation london

Proper eavestrough installation is no easy feat and there’s much to consider ahead of actually getting to the job of installation. You have to decide on the type of eavestrough system you want to use, what material your eavestroughing will be made of, and the quantity of eavestrough length, section clips, and downspouts you’ll need. Confused already? Luckily we’re here to help, to guide you through the essentials of eavestrough installation knowledge, so read on to expand your mind…

The Pros and Cons of Different Materials

Many different materials are used for eavestroughing, each with a different cost, weight, and durability. These three factors will weigh in on which material you choose, but first let’s look at the materials.

  • Aluminum is a lightweight choice that looks good and is strong, so you don't need as many joints as other materials.

  • Copper is similar to aluminum, heavier but more durable, and weathers into verdigris over time for a rustic appearance.

  • Cast iron is the heaviest of the metals making it the toughest to install and it needs to be painted, but it's incredibly hardwearing.

  • Plastic vinyl is very easy to work with and requires very little maintenance, however it is more susceptible to cracks and sags than the metals.

Obviously you want the longest lasting eavestroughing system you can get for your money, so go for the most durable material you can afford.

Do You Want to Recycle Rainwater?

Think about doing your bit for the environment and saving on water bills by collecting rainwater for home use. Special rainwater barrels can be positioned beneath downspouts and the water can be then used later for watering the garden and washing your car.

Consider the Design

Different designs of eavestroughing help in different ways. Simply put, the bigger and deeper your eavestroughing is the more rainwater it can handle, which means no overflowing onto building exteriors and down to the foundations. You might think that all buildings should have big eavestroughing systems then, but local zoning laws can specify the size of eavestroughing you should have, so check these laws first.

Getting Professional Help

As you can see just getting these basics right requires some thought, and actually installing the eavestroughing system requires a wide range of tools and equipment. That’s why eavestrough installation really is best left to the experts! Learn more about our seamless eavestrough installation services in London area here.

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