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3 Sure Signs You Need a New Eavestroughing System

bad eavestroughing system

You might be surprised to know just how much an efficient eavestroughing system protects your barn. A small problem can quickly develop into a serious issue unless you keep an eye out for some telltale signs that your guttering needs replacing. Here are 3 sure signs you need a new eavestroughing system.

Sagging at the Seams

Take a good look around your entire eavestroughing system and see if it’s really ruler straight. Sagging occurs most often at the seams, where different guttering sections meet, so check these in particular. A sag indicates a build up of leaves, a poor connection, or even a loosening of the fixture. A small sag could be repaired, but even just a few sags are a sure sign your eavestroughing system is not aging well and needs replacing.

Cracks and Holes

You know the time is up for your eavestroughing system when water is dribbling out through cracks and holes. These can be caused by too much weight from wet leaves building up or water freezing and expanding behind a leaf dam. Whatever the reason for there being damage to your guttering, once cracks and holes appear it’s the beginning of the end for your eavestroughing system, and time to start preparing for a new one.

Rot and Peeling

If you can’t see any obvious problems with your eavestroughing system from just looking at it then check the exterior of your barn for things like peeling paint and rotting wood. These are telltale signs that water is leaking or overflowing during periods of heavy rain. There could be a blockage in one of the downpipes or a section of the guttering could be uneven. Either way, you’ll probably need a new eavestroughing system to avoid further damage. Learn more about our seamless eavestrough installation services

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