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The Barn Painting Process - What to Expect During Your Barn Resurfacing

barn painting process

As many already know, giving your barn a new paint job is a bit more involved than simply slapping up a fresh coat of paint. So here’s a walk through of what to expect and what's necessary to paint a barn or other building the right way.

Step 1: Preparation Work First

Before any painting can start there is going to be some preparation work. At the best, this will be just stripping the old paint from the barn and giving all the surfaces a thorough pressure wash. At Superior Barn Painting this can also include air blasting or sand blasting. All dust and dirt must also be removed before starting the paint job, and the barn will have to be left for at least a day and a night to dry out thoroughly.

We will also provide Computerized Colour Matching if you would like to keep the same colour or have a sample colour that you would like to replicate on your surface. The CCM system allows us to match a colour instantly using something as small as a chip of paint.

Step 2: Fixing Signs of Damage

Once the preparation work starts we perform routine checks for any signs of damage to the barn or structure. Rotting wood has to be replaced and things like loose nails or screws will be removed and often replaced by more durable screw-nailing. Also, any cracks or holes in any part of the barn surface will have to be repaired prior to a new paint job.

Step 3: Time Window Without Rain

Once all the barn surfaces are ready for painting and completely dry we turn to the weather channel. There needs to be a time window for the barn to be painted and allowed to dry without the risk of rainfall. This is one reason why most barn painting and building resurfacing is carried out in the fair weather months.

Step 4: A Proper Paint Job

First things first, the barn will need a primer to help create the cleanest possible finish and to promote better paint adhesion. Once the primer has been applied it’s time for the top coat exterior paint. We use industrial urethane enamel and acrylic based paint to provide the best protection and a solid finish.

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