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A Beginners Guide to Barn Roof Painting

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If your barn roof is starting to go a rusty shade of orange on top then it’s high time you treated it to a fresh lick of paint. However, if you’ve never painted a barn roof before then you should know that this is no easy feat. There’s a whole lot of things you’ll need to bear in mind before even starting the painting process, and you should know that clambering around on a roof is not exactly the safest thing to do in your spare time. We’ll guide you through the basics of barn roof painting so you can see what’s involved, but we recommend getting the professionals at Superior Barn Painting Ontario in to do the job!

What is Your Barn Roof Made Out Of?

Chances are your barn roof is made out of one of two materials; wood or galvanized steel. These two different materials require different preparation methods and different types of paint. It should be obvious what material you barn roof is made out of just by looking at it, but if you have any doubts then get a professional opinion.

Fix the Rust and Repair the Wood

If your barn roof has any spots of rust or patches of rotten wood these need to be fixed properly before any painting takes place. Just painting over this type of damage means that your barn roof will continue to deteriorate and just get worse. A good paint job will protect your barn roof, but if it’s already damaged beneath the paint then new paint won’t be able to fulfill its purpose properly.

A Clean Roof is a Good Roof!

Power washing your barn roof before painting will remove dirt, grime, dead insects, mold, moss and anything else that has made its way up there. This must be done before any painting work can take place, as any dirt and dust will interfere with the paint sticking properly. It’s even worth regularly cleaning your barn roof after new paint as a form of maintenance.

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