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How To Know When Your Barn Needs A New Paint Job

barn painting chalking

Without a proper high-quality paint job, weathering and damage could knock years off the lifespan of your barn. It isn’t always easy to know exactly when you should give your barn a fresh lick of paint, but leaving it until the damage is already done has to be the worst choice. Here are some rudimentary checks that will reveal if your barn is becoming damaged because it isn't being protected by its paint job.

Signs of Damage to Look Out For

You should always be on the lookout for obvious things like peeling and chipped paint when you go in and out of your barn. Other things are rotten wood and rusting metalwork, which both reveal that your paint job is no longer providing protection to the materials it once covered. Paint is designed to protect, so a deteriorating paint job means your barn will deteriorate too.

When Your Paint Starts Chalking…

A sure sign that it’s time to treat your barn to a fresh paint job is when the paint is chalking. There’s an easy test to see if this is happening, and it’s to simply to stroke your fingertips along the surface of the paint. If there’s a white chalky substance over the end of your fingers it means your paint is starting to break down, or in scientific terms it’s oxidizing. When a paint job is chalking it’s no longer doing its job to protect your barn.

Check Your Caulking For Cracks

Let’s move on from chalking to caulking, something entirely different. The watertight sealant around windows, doors, and any other seams in your barn needs to be doing its job properly. If it’s deteriorating then your paint job will too, along which causing other problems like rot and mildew growth. So, if your paint is chalking and your caulking is cracking, it’s time to give your barn a new paint job. Call Superior Barn Painting Ontario to get a quote on your building 1-888-253-3756 !

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