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Pressure Washing & Blasting 

Pressure Washing

Pressure-washing is one of  the best ways to clean an old surface of built up grime, pollution deposits, or old paint. It’s a vital step in the preparation of a surface for a new coat of paint. The paint requires a firm, clean matrix  to bind onto and cure; preparing the surface increases the durability and longevity of the new paint.


At Superior Barn Painting we use our pressure-washer, whose rotary head and mounted nozzles deliver a stream of water under 4,000 psi of pressure to the surface being washed. This machine has a pump  driven by a gasoline-powered motor, and is easily transported to your property. Once there, it uses any on-site water supply, or is fed by water transported in by us: we have all the tools to do the job effectively and efficiently.

Air Blasting

Air blasting cleans, dusts or dries a surface using a high-pressure air stream. Our diesel compressor supplies air to our gun, and together they are a proven system for preparing a clean, dry surface. Its best way to remove flaking or crumbling old paint.. Used on its own or after pressure-washing, it leaves a surface ready to receive a fresh coat of paint with increased durablity.
Superior Barn Painting transports the air blasting machinery to your property.

Our Biljax (™) Lifts are also available, with an extra reach of 45 feet & 55 feet.

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