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Barn Repair & Renovation

Wooden Wall Repair 

With Generations of experience we are also skilled in maintaining or restoring your wooden plank structures including any barn, shed, or house with loose planks along its walls, roofs or siding.

  • replace  loose boards

  • restore and refinish existing planks and beams

  • replace all planks covering the building

  • change cladding from wood to barn metal or steel sheeting


We have the highest caliber wooden wall repair and renovation technicians working with equipment and materials of the highest quality.

Services Offered

Metal Repairs & Steel Roofing

At Superior Barn Parinting we  have all the skills required to repair any metal cladding, siding or roofing. We can perform high-quality repairs of barn-metal sheeting, replacing rusted sheets and replacing loose attachments with screw-nails for a more durable hold.

We are repair technicians for steel roofing on commercial and residential buildings as well. Call us or email us to repair any metal covering on your property or get a free quote.

Screw Nailing

In the past simple nails were the standard for attaching hheets of metal for siding, cladding and roofing. As these buildings age the metal sheets work loose. We can replace any old nails with the more durable screw-nail, which grips the beam more tightly, and prevents the cladding’s from loosening. At Superior Barn Painting always use screw-nails for attaching any metal cladding.

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