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Why Barn Painting is Best Left to the Professionals

Thinking that your barn is in need of a new paint job? Don’t get the paint rollers out of the garage just yet (by the way, a paint sprayer will do a much better job). Before you buy a few tubs of paint and get your overalls out you need to know the ins and outs of proper barn painting. If you don't you’ll do a bad job, costing you valuable time and money. Here are just a few of the things that could trip you up along the path to the perfect barn paint job.

Getting the Paint Right

If you’ve never painted your barn before you’ll probably have no idea what paint was used the first time around. Choosing the correct paint is important as it will decide just how much protection your barn will benefit from. There are many different acrylic latex paints and oil-based paints specially formulated for barns, but only a professional will know the best one for your barn. Before you even get started on painting you’ll also have to apply a primer to ensure proper paint adhesion and increase the durability of the paint. Flaking paint is much less common when you’ve properly primed your barn. At Superior Barn Painting we use a digital colour matching system on site to match the perfect paint colour,

Pitfalls in Proper Preparation

Checking every nook and cranny of your barn to check for any rotten wood or old nails can take a long time, but if you don't do it properly you’ll be jeopardizing your new paint job. In fact, all that old paint should be thoroughly scraped off and the entire exterior surface needs to be power washed before the barn painting process can begin.

Having the Right Tools for the Job

Professional barn painters have machinery, equipment and specialized paint & pressure washing tools to do the best job possible. Our Biljax (™) lifts are also available, with a reach of 45 feet and 55 feet. ​With our satisfaction guarantee we also prepare the surface of any dirty or worn structure for painting, so that it can bind durably to its new coat of paint. All of our work is guaranteed and we are a fully insured company- another key reason why you want to have your work done by a professional. Call today for a free quote 1-888-253-3756!

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