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3 Ways A Commercial Pressure Wash Increases the Lifespan of Your Buildings

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Your buildings need looking after, both inside and out. What do you think would happen if you never vacuumed the carpets, mopped the floors, or cleaned the bathrooms? Your customers would run a mile, that’s what, plus you’d pay hefty redecoration and repair bills. The same goes for the exterior of your building, the walls, roofs, and sidewalks.

Dirt and grime, pollutants and mold, all these things will cause your building to deteriorate. Help is at hand though, as commercial pressure washing will get your building sparkling clean and in great shape. Read on to find out exactly how commercial pressure washing increases the lifespan of your commercial buildings.

1. Efficiently Cleans All Surfaces

Pressure washing blasts the dust and dirt off of your building's exterior quickly and effectively. No harsh chemicals are needed, the powerful jet of water does all the work. You can use commercial power washing on any exterior surface, whether it’s brickwork, concrete, glass windows, wood, aluminum, steel, plastic or anything really. A fresh looking exterior increases curb appeal and creates a good first impression.

2. Reveals Structural and Cosmetic Damage

Your commercial building could already be suffering from damage and deterioration without you even knowing about it. Pressure washing cuts through the grime to reveal hidden problems that you would otherwise miss. It will blast off flaking paint for priming an new paint job, and also reveals any wood rot beneath.

3. Prevents Small Problems From Becoming Serious Ones

Whether it’s metal-weakening rust, rotten wood, or loose mortar in the brickwork, revealing this type of damage is part of the commercial pressure washing process. Once all exterior surfaces of your commercial building are clean it’s much easier to spot small problems, and the spots of damage are already cleaned and prepared for repair. This way you can keep on top of small issues and fix them before they grow into bigger problems.

At Superior Barn Painting we use our pressure-washer, whose rotary head and mounted nozzles deliver a stream of water under 4,000 psi of pressure to the surface being washed. This machine has a pump driven by a gasoline-powered motor, and is easily transported to your property. Once there, it uses any on-site water supply, or is fed by water transported in by us: we have all the tools to do the job effectively and efficiently. Book it today call 1-888-253-3756 or email us at

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